A wonderful endorsement of my book by John & Yoko’s close friend, Elliot Mintz! 

Elliot Mintz: I had the honor of having a dinner/conversation with Madeline Bocaro.
Madeline has written the most comprehensive book to date about Yoko Ono.
It is a 500 page labor of love that Madeline has spent years compiling and publishing.
titled, In Your Mind – The Infinite Universe of Yoko Ono,’  It is an unabashed ‘love letter’ to a woman that Madeline truly understands and attempts successfully to share with the reader.

My page rarely (if ever) promotes books,  films,  concerts, recordings or items for sale.
I get asked all the time by people i do not know.
However, this is one of those exceptions i could not resist. The book can be ordered on-line wherever you get your books.
Besides being brilliant, Madeline is a charming lady. we spoke for 6 hours……primarily about a woman we both love.