About the Book 

By Madeline Bocaro

An all-embracing look at Yoko Ono’s life and work, in stunning detail. This 558-page book is for anyone who is interested in learning about this extraordinary woman whom John Lennon loved. The incredible love story of John and Yoko is also explored in depth, along with her relationship to The Beatles.

If you have been misinformed, you will learn the truth. We visit Yoko’s inner and outer worlds. Her meanings and intent will come to light. You will be touched by her wit and wisdom, her genius and whimsy.

Yoko Ono’s enchanting philosophy and uplifting positivity are irresistible. She breaks down the boundaries between art and life. No other artist cares about us so much. Yoko shows us the truth – with sincerity, grace and humor. She enlightens us to our own superpowers.

Yoko’s work is unfinished – to be completed in your mind. 

Cover illustration: Cat MacInnes

About the Author

First and foremost a passionate fan of rock ‘n’ roll, New York native Madeline Bocaro has always written independently. Madeline has contributed to biographies and documentaries including Yoko Ono (MacMillan & Co., 1987), Stardust: The David Bowie Story (Edwards/Zanetta McGraw Hill, 1986), The Wild One – The Story of Iggy Pop (Omnibus, 1988) Mick Ronson – The Spider with the Platinum Hair (Independent Music Press, London, 2003) and The Nomi Song (Klaus Nomi documentary film) in 2005.

Madeline has spent many precious moments with Yoko Ono. In this new ultimate biography, she shares an abundance of details and insights to this extraordinary artist’s life, art and music – far beyond what is already known. Madeline’s work has also appeared in Discoveries, Goldmine and in Chicago’s Roctober magazine. She was a staff writer for CMJ from 1977 to 1981 and has also assisted other authors with articles in Mojo, Dazed & Confused and other magazines. Personally appointed by Ron and Russell Mael, Madeline has been writing the Sparks Official International Fan Club Newsletter for more than twenty years.